To work with machines and express thoughts  with  pictures and sound was a fascinating way to explore lifes material and so It officially started with a Traineeship as a Filmeditor for German TV and Newsagency in Bonn 1997. The Editingsystem back then was analog,  machines with only a linear editing possibility which should change soon with the AVID-Technologie she got introduced to in 1998.

From 1998 till 2006 Servet studied Film and Editing at the Film-and Artschool “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam Babelsberg

During her studies she realized audiovisual concepts like Videoinstallations, Videoprojects and Shortfilms and worked also in Newsagencies as a professional Videoeditor for TV- Channels (BR, arte, ARD, DW) 

Servet finished her studies with a Diploma which just didnt seem to make sense at all in everdays life. So new fields had to be explored: 

2008 Dance and Performance became a new tool to work with. Servet began to do Martial Arts in her childhood-times- later Yoga and Qigong and finally Vipassana Meditation kept up her practice and interest in asian sports and philosophies. With the beginning of Vipassana Meditation, which is about observing the mind and the sensation on the body and the coincidence to join a group of Butoh dancers and trainers in Kreuzberg/Berlin she explored a new homogenic field to experiment with: Butohdance.

In Cooperation with Radio-On she started working on Noise-Music-Performances since 2011.

2012 a new project named "Newsfeed" was launched.

Film- and TV Editing is her professional Business since 1998. In 2008 she passed a 3 months creative Producer traineeship at IFFS Berlin. As a Filmeditor she is working for a wide variety of clients from TV to Cinema, Music and Cinemaproduction, Entrepreneurs and social Non govermental Organisations and TV Chanels (ARD/ZDF/Sat1/WDR/RTL/RTL2/ 3plus/arte...) 

To keep learning and exploring and put creativity and commitment in each particular project that's what it is about.